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July 29, 2021  


The 58TH GRASSROOTS ELECTION PROTECTION COALITION zoom gathering begins with a hot discussion of the Senate filibuster and why a Democratic President like Joe Biden would support it.

We’re greeted by news that REV. JESSE JACKSON and others have been arrested at the office of Arizona Sen. Kirsten Sinema.

We hear from JUSTIN LEBLANC, HOWIE HAWKINS, DOROTHY REIK & other speculating on why the Democrats won’t move to restructure how our laws are made…and why they won’t come forward to protect our voting rights.

We hear from DC Statehood champion CHARLES MORELAND on the DC events upcoming August 27 (Awards Banquet), 28 (Mass Marches) and 29 (Prayer Breakfast). 

JOEL SEGAL then tells of the August 30 Summit/Roundtable bringing together 50 of the nation’s top leaders on voting rights, fighting poverty & winning a green-powered Earth.

Segal also discusses the idea of a progressive ALEC to mirror the Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council to draw up legislation for a just/green America.

Finally we get a mind-boggling report on the recount insanity in Arizona from STEVE ROSENFELD, JOHN BRAKEY & RAY LUTZ.  You couldn’t make this stuff up!!!

July 22, 2021  


In a brilliant opening statement, North Carolina’s former Assistant Secretary of State ROBERT WILSON lays out the realities of the fascist coup we face. 

With riveting, soft-spoken prose, Wilson makes it clear that the battle over voting rights is the ultimate test of our future survival—both as a democracy and as a species on this embattled Earth.

We then hear from JAN GOODMAN about the on-going coup at the Pacifica Radio Network and the popular vote now being overturned by a failing, obsolete entrenched minority. 

No public-supported radio network that tells its listeners to DROP DEAD can expect to survive, and the battle at Pacific is far from over.

We hear from GLORIA TINUBU and RAY MCCLENDON about the uniquely powerful GEORGIA MIRACLE project, now documenting how the grassroots election protection movement beat Trump and put two Democrats from a state with a truly terrible history into the US Senate.

They're followed by TATANKA BRICCA, MYLA RESON, JOEL SEGAL, LYNNE FEINERMAN, DR. RUTH STRAUSS, HOWIE HAWKINS and many more critically important players in the movement to save our nation.

If you’re committed to our national democracy & ecological survival, don’t miss this GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION COALITION zoom #57. 

July 14, 2021  


The huge victory for a New Day at the Pacifica Radio Network may change the face of left media in America.

Led by the astounding JAN GOODMAN, the New Day by-laws may finally make Pacifica a viable, workable force on the left.

In our Grassroots Emergency Election Protection zoom #56 we are introduced to a new way of doing radical public radio that could vastly advance the causes of clean energy and election protection.

We hear from CHARLES MOORELAND of the DC Statehood movement about plans for the upcoming DREAM MARCH FOR DC STATEHOOD, GREEN JOBS & JUSTICE in Washington, August 27-30.

TATANKA BRICCA fills us in the rising movement for Indigenous voting rights.

We hear from RAY LUTZ about the latest insanity in Arizona.

JOEL SEGAL fills us in on the imperatives of movement-building to save American democracy.

HOWIE HAWKINS talks about ranked choice voting in the latest NYC mayoral race.

And much more….we are back on track to save or nation!!!

July 8, 2021  


We are joined by the great CHARLES MORELAND to talk DC Statehood and the upcoming “Dream March” events of August 27-28-29-30.  We convene in Washington, DC, for an Friday evening awards banquet, a major outdoor gathering, a prayer breakfast and, on Monday, August 30, a national round-table on jobs and justice, with the delivery to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue of at least one solar panel along with a plan for turning the White House into a Green House.
Long-time safe energy activist PAUL GUNTER then tells us of the insane Biden push to bail out the nation’s collapsing atomic energy industry, guaranteeing more TMI/Chernobyl/Fukushimas right here on our very home soil.  The proposal for billions of dollars to be wasted on dangerous, decrepit reactors could not be more foolish in the face of HUGE breakthroughs in solar, wind, batteries, LED/efficiency and more.
Together the issues of voting rights and renewable energy could not be more critical to human survival.
Don’t miss this show!!
July 2, 2021  


We’re joined by the great progressive broadcaster LAURA FLANDERS whose long-standing radio/tv broadcasts appear throughout public television and numerous radio stations all over the country. 

Laura expounds on the great primary victory of grassroots socialist India Walton to become mayor of Buffalo.  India is now being opposed by the incumbent corporate/machine mayor who is running as a write-in for the general election.

We’re also joined by the legendary DENNIS KUCINICH, author of the riveting new book DIVISION OF LIGHT AND POWER, about his spectacular fifty-year career as a crusader for the people.  Dennis starts as a twenty-something city council member in Cleveland who fights his way into the Mayor’s office and saves the city’s municipal power and light company.  This epic battle leads the local banks to shut down the city in an attempt to unseat Kucinich and his populist politics.

As state Senator Dennis and I worked to successfully defeat a radioactive waste dump.  Kucinich then served eight terms in the US Congress before being gerrymandered out by the corporate Democrats.

He’s now running again for mayor and the corporations will be out in force to keep him from winning. 

Find out how at the amazing show.


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