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July 2, 2021  
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We’re joined by the great progressive broadcaster LAURA FLANDERS whose long-standing radio/tv broadcasts appear throughout public television and numerous radio stations all over the country. 

Laura expounds on the great primary victory of grassroots socialist India Walton to become mayor of Buffalo.  India is now being opposed by the incumbent corporate/machine mayor who is running as a write-in for the general election.

We’re also joined by the legendary DENNIS KUCINICH, author of the riveting new book DIVISION OF LIGHT AND POWER, about his spectacular fifty-year career as a crusader for the people.  Dennis starts as a twenty-something city council member in Cleveland who fights his way into the Mayor’s office and saves the city’s municipal power and light company.  This epic battle leads the local banks to shut down the city in an attempt to unseat Kucinich and his populist politics.

As state Senator Dennis and I worked to successfully defeat a radioactive waste dump.  Kucinich then served eight terms in the US Congress before being gerrymandered out by the corporate Democrats.

He’s now running again for mayor and the corporations will be out in force to keep him from winning. 

Find out how at the amazing show.

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