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February 25, 2021  


Our 41st Grassroots Election Protection Zoom takes us deep into the vital roots of America’s most critical voter rights bills in decades.

We are guided through these immensely complex laws by the great RAY MCCLENDON of the Atlanta NAACP.

With an incisive power point provided by ANDREA MILLER, we explore these pathbreaking omnibus bills that touch on issues ranging from voter registration and ID to drop boxes, campaign finance and how our ballots are tallied.

This lengthy, brilliant discussion takes us to the very core of where our nation needs to go to protect our democracy.

Further perspectives come from Jennifer Tanner, Dr. Lora Chamberlain, Joel Segal, Carl Davidson, Art Levine and many more.

Carrying through with some 80 of our nation’s top election protection experts, these zooms have become a major hub of America’s pro-democracy movement.

Don’t miss any of them!!!

February 18, 2021  

In our GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION Zoom #40 we get deep in the weeks of the most important federal voting laws in many decades.

With 80 election experts and long-time Congressional staffer JOEL SEGAL—Legislative Godfather of Obamacare—we look in serious detail at these two complex and critical attempts to update American democracy at the ground floor.

HR-1 and HR-4 mean to remake our Congressional elections with voter protections, an attack on Gerrymandering and much more.  Their many facets could completely upend American democracy—for the better—if they pass.

As HOWIE HAWKINS of the Green Party explains, part of HR-1 could also make it virtually impossible for a third party to compete in any future American election.

We also hear from JOHN BRAKEY on serious electoral challenges happening in Arizona, where the legislature wants to totally uproot the public’s ability to choose its electors for a Presidential election.

Lawsuits in Florida, electoral challenges in Georgia and potential civil and criminal prosecutions of DONALD TRUMP also fill this amazing hour.

If you intend to be up on the latest changes and challenges to the way we vote and have those votes counted, don’t miss this amazing hour. 

February 11, 2021  


As Trump’s Second Impeachment rolls out, we deal with the nitty-gritty issues of saving and uplifting our democracy.

People Demanding Action’s brilliant ANDREA MILLER spells out how GOP operatives in Georgia and at least two dozen other states have introduced more than 100 bills aimed at undermining our electoral procedures.

Andrea and RAY MCCLENDON explain the tsunami of bills attacking such electoral mainstays as hand-marked paper ballots, secure voter registration rolls, ballot drop boxes, freedom from photo ID and much more.

For much of the explanation, see this article at Reader Supported News:

While the battle rages at the state level, we confront House Bill 1, the massive compendium now being considered by Congress.  Though many view its as a voting rights savior, many of its hidden clauses are brutal.

As the Green Party’s HOWIE HAWKINS points out, HB-1 is devastating for third parties….and more.

Co-convenor JOEL SEGAL fills us in the the ELECTION PROTECTION SUMMIT coming February 25.

And we hear from MYLA RESON, DR. LORA CHAMBERLAIN, DOROTHY REIK and many more.  As always, please join us!!

February 4, 2021  


To being Election Protection Zoom #38, we celebrate a big victory over bad voting machines in NY. 

Legendary activists LULU FRIESDAT and JULIE WIENER join Green Party presidential candidate HOWIE HAWKINS to explain how a grassroots citizens movement stopped certification of terrible electronic voting machines in NY.

The roots of this victory go deep and its implications for the future are entirely positive.

We then join RAY MCCLENDON and JOEL SEGAL to discuss the national ELECTION PROTECTION SUMMIT coming February 25. 

Among featured speakers will be CHRISTIAN NUNES of the NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN, ANDREA MILLER of People Demanding Action and many more.

STEVE ROSENFELD dissects the immensely complicated HR1, a voting rights compendium with much good and also much bad for the future of democracy.

HEDY TRIPP introduces us to a new women’s rights organization.

DR. LORA CHAMBERLAIN challenges Vote by Mail.

And much more.  If you’re still on the case for election protection, please join us, as always!!

January 28, 2021  
We plunge into the post-Trump era with a fight in New York over worthless, useless Ballot Marking Devices that must be stopped.  LULU FRIESDAT and HOWIE HAWKINS tell us how.
We then visit with DANIEL BLACKMAN whose race for the Public Service Commission of Georgia may have been derailed by his name not appearing on the ballot in at least 19 counties.  We’re looking into it.
RAY MCCLENDON of the Atlanta NAACP is then joined by grassroots organizer CAROLINA MIRANDA to go deep on the GEORGIA MIRACLE and how grassroots organizing made all the difference in turning the US Senate and making Georgia a blue state.
STEVE ROSENFELD of VotingBooth then fills us in on the nation-scale battles over voting rights and the future of American democracy.  
Among other things he warns that the infamous KARL ROVE has published an op ed calling for funds to turn back all the democratic reforms that led to the repudiation of Donald Trump and all he perpetrated on America and the world.
This wonderful 90 minute section is filled with optimism, hope and genuine expertise.  if you get to the end of the hour & want to hear more, go to and get the link, or just write me at
January 22, 2021  

This weekly Grassroots Election Protection Zoom (#36) is made joyful by major victories that have moved the nation.

In Michigan, JAN BENDOR reports on an extremely powerful anti-gerrymandering amendment that establishes a multi-partisan commission to draw up redistricting lines. 

This complex, democracy-based system will bring competitive Congressional and legislative races to a state previously defined by corruption and theft.

We also talk with RAY MCCLENDON about the “Georgia Miracle”—the fantastic grassroots campaign that unseated two incumbent US Senators and shifted the balance of power in  Washington.

Ray details how the Atlanta NAACP served as the epicenter of an on-the-ground movement that drove an unprecedented turnout of voters of youth and color.

Ray’s outline should serve as a template for future pro-democracy campaigning throughout the US, for years to come.

Then we hear from HOWIE HAWKINS and JULIE WEINER about yet another major victory in New York, where election commissioners have postponed a decision on new voting machines.

The machines are angrily opposed by democracy advocates, but corporate lobbying made their certification seem certain.

Grassroots opposition intervened, however, and a decision won’t be made for two more weeks. 

We end by initiating what will be an on-going dialog about proposed federal legislation (HR-1) that could democratize even more of our nation’s electoral process.

 So there is MUCH MORE TO COME….

January 14, 2021  

Amidst an astonishing moment in our history, ignited by an election that wasn’t stolen, we dissect huge steps forward in Election Protection.

ANDREA MILLER (People Demanding Action), EMILY LEVY (Scrutineers) and CHRISTIAN NUNES (National Organization for Women) all report on the amazing grassroots upheaval in Georgia.

With a voter turnout that exceeded all expectations, these three great activists explain the revolutionary coordination in voter protection, voter turnout and ballot counting that turned the tide in KKK country.

We also hear in stunning detail from JAN BENDOR on huge electoral reforms in Michigan, where laws against gerrymandering and for universal hand-marked/scanned/counted ballots turned a tide.  This we will continue next week. 

From legendary Election Protection activist LULU FRIESDAT we confront a move to certify deeply flawed voting machines in New York State.

And then we plunge into the sordid details of January Sixth’s attempted coup d’etat with a very wide range of experts, including the legendary RABBI MARC GOPAN and many others.

Amidst it all we conjure the muscular spirit of ARNOLD SCHARZENEGGER and his now legendary comparison between the Trump Coup and Hitler’s Kristallnacht. 

It’s an astounding round-table of the airwaves you won’t want to miss in the midst of astounding times. 

January 8, 2021  


In this LIVE podcast we celebrate an EARTH-CHANGING double-victory in Georgia, made possible by amazingly powerful on-the-ground grassroots organizing.

RAY MCCLENDON of the Atlanta NAACP explains how “ground game” campaigning brought a huge turnout to Georgia’s two pivotal US Senate races, making Kamela Harris the new Majority Leader and moving the Congress forever left.

With CHRISTIAN NUNES of the National Organization for Women, we explore the nuts and bolts of how grassroots organizers turned Georgia politics forever upside down.

Speaking of which….we then delve into the astonishing attempted coup d’etat by Donald Trump and his fascist MAGAs.  In a “Day that Will Live in Infamy,” January 6 has forever changed American politics.

For a full 40 minutes we segue into as deep a discussion of this assault on democracy as you’ll ever hear.

 For that segment, after our hour with Green Power & Wellness, find the link in the zoom archive of

US democracy was challenged on that way, and has clearly survived.  Listen in for an amazing discussion of exactly how….

December 30, 2020  
The hugely publicized special US Senate runoffs in Georgia will determine control of the upper house….and of much of the political agenda for years to come.
This Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition zoom gathering #33 gets into the deep detail of how the election will be conducted and protected.
We’re joined again by RAY MCCLENDON, political direction of the Atlanta NAACP, who fills us in on what’s happening on the ground with getting out the vote.
We also hear from JEANNE DUFORT of Citizens for Good Governance on the complex interior of how the election will be conducted.
From JENNIFER TANNER, EMILY LEVY, LORA CHAMBERLAIN, DON WOLF, JOHN BRAKEY, BOB FITRAKIS & others we cover much of the ground we’ll need to see in making sure the vote count actually matches the public will.
The Fate of the Earth is now in the hands of the voters of Georgia.  Listen to find out how we can honor what they have to say.  
December 24, 2020  
Our emergency election protection excursion takes us today deep into the weeds of Georgia.  
As we face the most critical pair of US Senate runoffs in our nation’s history, we take on the details on exactly how this election will be conducted and how it must be protected. 
We start with RAY MCCLENDON, political director of the Atlanta NAACP, which is at the heart of the all-important voter turnout. 
 Ray has been coordinating the critical Get Out The Vote campaigns meant to raise the turnout among the African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American communities.  
His success at bringing citizens to the polls will determine control of the United States Senate.
He is followed by the legendary MARILYN MARKS and LIZ THROOP of the Coalition for Good Governance.  
The CGG has led the way in plumbing the depths of how Georgia’s election apparatus has been manipulated to serve the interests of the entrenched elite.
In particular we focus on the entirely extraneous ballot marking devices foisted on the system by the secretary of state.  
These machines make the voting process unnecessarily complex and vulnerable to hacking.  We need to know them inside & out!

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