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October 6, 2017  
DANNY SHEEHAN and SARA NELSON start us off in Solartopia with CIA drug-dealing in Central America.  We focus on the new movie AMERICAN MADE with TOM CRUISE and its astounding depiction of BARRY SEAL, the dare-devil pilot who illegally flew guns to the fascist Contras while returning with large shipments of cocaine.  The whole Iran-Contra adventure reminds us that the US fought in Vietnam to empower heroin dealers in Saigon, and is now propping up poppy growers in Afghanistan.

With MARK SOMMER and PAUL KANGAS, we further discuss SOLARIZING PUERTO RICO & THE VIRGIN ISLANDS.  Mark explains how micro-gridding can work to quickly restore power there.  Sara stays with us to cover COMMUNITY CHOICE AGGREGATION as it’s been organized in California.  Paul adds the story of small, modular solar houses competing in the solar decathlon in Colorado, and suggests the houses can now be shaped to the Caribbean.

This astounding exploration of the drug connection in America’s recent wars is long overdue.  

The powerful connection between renewable energy and the re-vitalization of the Caribbean islands has just been confirmed by ELON MUSK, whose TESLA company is already sending renewable hardware.  

These twin dialogs are once again at the cutting edge of getting to Solartopia.   

September 29, 2017  

We explore the HORRORS OF NUCLEAR WASTE in Solartopia with two of the world’s great experts:  DONNA GILMORE and KEVIN KAMPS.

Based in Orange County, California, Donna is one of California’s best-known and most knowledgeable experts.  She has been central to the successful movement to shut the remaining two reactors at San Onofre.  Donna’s critiques of the insane irresponsibility of the owner utilities at San Onofre in not dealing with their atomic waste are essential to understanding why nuke power has absolutely no place on this planet.

Kevin’s watchdog work for Beyond Nuclear lately focusses on the latest absurd blank check being handed to the reactor industry in the form of the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act HB 3053.  This absolutely corrupt blank check for the completely unchecked mishandling of the world’s deadliest substances must be stopped.  Kevin tells us how.

If you are at all interested in the future of the Earth, and how we might survive this horrendously deadly reactor technology, don’t miss this discussion.

September 22, 2017  


Danny and Sara have been at the heart of the fight against the fossil-nuke industry and the insane Trump assault on our planet.  Working closely with the native American community in the Dakotas and elsewhere, they are critical to the resistance to the lunacy of the petro-attack on our Mother Earth.

They also helped make public the ridiculous realities of the Iran-Contra scandal, including the mass importation of cocaine in the US by American-funded fascist forces in Nicaragua, leading directly to the devastating crack epidemic that decimated so much of the nation in the 1980s.

Sara also has waged a successful, deeply moving campaign against her own cancer, which she is kind enough to explain for us.

Two more powerful and brilliant people do not exist.  Don’t miss this show.

September 18, 2017  

NUKE POWER & NATURAL DISASTERS have become intensely important in the wake of HURRICANES HARVEY & IRMA.

We are joined by radio commentator LIBBE HALEVY and long-time activist/experts PAUL GUNTER & KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear.

The terrifying realities of the hurricanes the swept through Texas and Florida have made it clear there is no way to evacuate from massive radiation releases during a melt-down in the midst of a major storm.

We faced this problem during Hurricane Andrew in the early 1990s and were in grave danger again during these last two giant hurricanes.

And that’s just the least of it…between earthquakes, flooding, tsunamis, tornados and more, our rickety, dying reactors are at greater risk than ever.

If you are at all concerned with the fate of the Earth, don’t miss this extremely crucial, uniquely-informed discussion with three truly extraordinary experts.

September 8, 2017  


Among our most effective and dedicated life-long activists, Danny & Sara of the ROMERO INSTITUTE have been at the heart of critical fights such as the Karen Silkwood Case, the Iran-Contra scandal and now the tribal sovereignty struggle for more than four decades.

In this riveting interview they outline the basics of America’s most critical current energy war as the King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nukes & Gas) elite tries to ram this insane flow of global warming petro-poison through the heart of the nation and into the global market for the private profit of a tiny fascist cabal.

Uniquely articulate and compelling, what they have to say affects us all, and should not be missed.

August 25, 2017  


With my long-time co-conspirator BOB FITRAKIS of we study the history of electronic voting machines as presented to the political science profession in a breakthrough moment where mainstream academia seems finally to be taking seriously the theft of our elections.  An attorney and full professor, Fitrakis’s pioneer work on the electronic debasement of what’s left of our democracy is key to our understanding how we wound up with the corrupt, insane Donald Trump in the White House.
We're also joined by KEVIN KAMPS of to dissect the latest pro-fossil/nuke “report” from Energy Secretary Rick Perry (Texas’s former “Governor Good-Hair”) fomenting the obscene absurdity that somehow renewable energy must defer to Trump’s polluters destroying the Earth.  In tandem we discuss Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich’s opposition to a massive bailout for decayed nuke reactors in Ohio versus New York Democrat Andrew Cuomo’s support for a massive bailout of four reactors in upstate New York.  
Along the way we also visit the NFL and COLIN KAEPERNICK’s spreading protest, putting forth a demand that we exchange the racist, pro-slavery Star-Spangled Banner for something better, like THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND.  The concussions dealt by the intense military presence at pro football games are damaging our national soul, and need to be replaced by the rising tide of progressive athletic consciousness now sweeping the sports world.  
August 18, 2017  
We spend our hour in solartopia with the great
Peace activist David Swanson talking to us from the belly of the beast. 
David has observed the chaos and bloodshed in charlottesville firsthand. 
His insights and opinions on Trump, racism, activism and violence are not to be missed. 
This is a priceless hour with a uniquely important American commentator right from the front. 
August 11, 2017  


Following a successful “Nagasaki / Nixon Day” gathering ( ) aimed at abolishing nuke weapons and removing Donald Trump, we are joined by three great activist/experts in discussing the clear and present danger of a nuclear apocalypse…and how to prevent it from happening.
Long-time Santa Monica-based JERRY RUBIN is joined by author/activist LANCE SIMMONS, and radio/TV analyst PROF. PETER MATHEWS as we run through the catalog of dire possibilities.
In contrast with John Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, the current occupant of the White House has no moral compass, and no intellectual capacity worthy of handling the complexities of global arrears.  His threats against North Korea have been needless, juvenile and supremely dangerous.  He seems to have no idea or concern for the billions of lives he could destroy.  
Along with the need to unify our opposition to Trump’s insanity, we discuss the possibilities of nationwide rallies, a general strike, impeachment and more….I
If you are as on edge as the rest of us, don’t miss this show.
August 4, 2017  

THE MONUMENTAL COLLAPSE OF THE VC SUMMER NUKE PROJECT is explained by long-time activists TOM CLEMENTS of Friends of the Earth in Columbia, South Carolina, and PAUL GUNTER of Beyond Nuclear in our nation’s capital.

The cancellation of the huge double-reactor construction project drops the number of commercial reactors being built in the US to just two, which are the Vogtle reactors in neighboring Georgia.  As Clements and Gunter explain, like the now-dead Summer project, Vogtle is also massively over budget and years overdue.  The bankruptcy of Westinghouse and the weakness of its parent company, Toshiba, forced the VC Summer cancellation and could soon do the same to Vogtle.

Should Vogtle be cancelled, the US would have zero reactors under construction for the first time since the 1950s, opening the door to a real transition to Solartopia, based on decentralized and community-owned green power.

Don’t miss hearing these brilliant long-time activists spell out how this shut-down has happened, and what is likely to come next in the fast-transforming world of energy. 

July 28, 2017  

> PROF. ROBERT FITRAKIS fills us in on the long, dangerous history of Trump’s reliance on the Russian mob throughout his career in finance and real estate.  Fitrakis warns in his latest writings, including THE STRIP & FLIP DISASTER OF AMERICA’S STOLEN ELECTIONS, that Trump owes Putin and the Russian underworld too much money, and that they have too many secrets on him, to bode well for America’s future.
> We also explore the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004, as well as 2016, and speculate on why muilti-millionaires like Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton have refused to fight for presidencies they clearly won, leaving America’s electoral system in a total shambles.
> Author and election integrity activist MARTA STEELE fills in the details on the 2008 and 2012 elections and how Barack Obama did manage to win despite the corrupted process.  HINT: it had to do with millions of devoted grassroots activists.
> PAUL KANGAS also joins us to report on his recent travels in Putin’s Russia, and on a new French Ph.d. program offering advanced studies in climate change with expenses-paid sojourns in Paris.


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