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July 7, 2017  


Solartopia depends on an actual democracy, and we no longer have one.
Columnist BOB KOEHLER, author JON SIMON and Georgia-base election activist GARLAND FAVORITO tell us warn us about the destruction of our electoral process.
We start with the ridiculous panel Trump has appointed to investigate “voter fraud.”  This gang of thieves includes the very worst election abusers in modern America.
We then cover the GOP “victory” in the Georgia 6th district which was clearly stolen.
Why won’t the corporate media or the Democratic Party say anything about this?  Join us to find out.  
For a good time, see Pete Seeger, Dar Williams, David Bernz & the Rivertown Kidz  sing "SOLARTOPIA!" at
June 30, 2017  

The Ohio legislature may be on the brink of rejecting FirstEnergy’s request for billions in handouts to keep its failed nuke reactors operating.  As much as $4 billion in wind projects is set to go for northern Ohio.
Will this tipping point in the nation’s bellweather state send America's energy balance deep into Solartopia?
US renewables now generate more juice than nukes  So we host DICK MUNSON of the Environmental Defense Fund, PAT MARIDA of the Ohio Sierra Club and KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear to dissect the reactor bailouts in Ohio, Illinois and New York where the future of atomic energy will be decided.  At least half the 99 reactors still licensed in the US are losing money. 
 If these three states reject these massive radioactive bailout, nuke power’s death spiral will significantly deepen.  
Let’s hope!!!
June 23, 2017  


We are joined by election integrity activists Deb Arnason, John Brakey, Mimi Kennedy & Bob Fitrakis to sift through the wreckage of yet another D failure (this one in Georgia) due to election theft.

From vote flipping electronic machines to the stripping of voter rolls and much more, the Trump GOP has once again made of mockery of our democracy.

Don’t miss this riveting, infuriating post mortem for a party & our democracy.

June 9, 2017  
MASSIVE ELECTION THEFT BY THE RUSSIANS AND OTHERS is the Earth-shattering reality we deal with to get to Solartopia.

Legendary election integrity activists MIMI KENNEDY, JOHN BRAKEY and BOB FITRAKIS join in to dissect the fact that our elections are being stolen and that Donald Trump is the hideous result.

Thankfully, there are solutions on the horizon.  If you are at all vested in the future of democracy, don’t miss this show.  

May 26, 2017  

INSANE BAILOUTS FOR DEAD NUKES come to the anti-Solar war chest in the form of $7.6 billion in NY, $2.3 billion in IL, $5+ billion in Ohio and much more.

These bailouts are scams for utilities owning nukes that should be shut down immediately.  The money is tied to nothing except the personal profits of the mega-rich executives and stockholders perpetrating this fraud.

Two great safe energy stalwarts come to Solartopia to dissect this disaster.  KARL GROSSMAN, legendary author, professor, journalist and activist, tells us how green forces won on Long Island and how such victories can be duplicated today.  KEVIN KAMPS of BEYOND NUCLEAR fills us in on the situation in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and other states where greedy nuke-based utilities are fleecing the public while keeping increasingly dangerous nukes on the brink of Chernobyl roulette.

Thankfully, a grassroots movement may defeat the bailout in Ohio, and court cases are proceeding against the one in New York.  To get the inside scoop on perhaps the most critical battle of our lifetime, in which future Fukushimas are prevented or subsidized, be sure to listen in to these two great expert/activists. 

May 19, 2017  

NULLIFICATION OF THE 2016 ELECTION BY NON-VIOLENT MEANS is the banner headline at Solartopia today.

As the increasingly dangerous disaster of the Trump fiasco deepens, we are joined by long-time activists DON GOLDMACHER and BOB FITRAKIS to discuss survival strategies.

DON is a life-long Berkeley-based grassroots campaigner and film producer.   BOB is my co-author on the new STRIP & FLIP DISASTER OF AMERICA’S STOLEN ELECTIONS (

As we see impeachment being an unlikely outcome of Trump’s massive misbehavior, we search for alternative routes.  Impeachment would empower a Gang of Four including Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Rex Tillerson and Mitch McConnell.

Redoing the 2016 election would provide an actual choice of competent alternatives, but there is no Constitutional provision for this and no historical record of it ever happening.

Maybe it’s time to make one!

May 12, 2017  

Solartopia is joined by the great HAZEL HENDERSON, legendary pioneer of the green economy.

 Hazel’s clarity and brilliance light up the airwaves as we tour through the rise of the alternative economy, green investing and much more.

 Hazel’s prescient work in renewable forecasting, ethical investing and sustainable finance has stood the test of a transitional time.

She now predicts ever greater things for the alternative worldview.  This hour flies by!!!

May 8, 2017  


We talk with filmmakers DON GOLDMACHER and FRANCES CAUSEY, and with election protection activist JOHN BRAKEY about the lethal impact of southern reaction on our nation’s politics.

Goldmacher and Causey’s LONG SHADOW about slavery and its death grip on early America makes it clear that the poison has yet to dissipate.  Donald Trump is very much a toxic tumor reflecting what chattel bondage did to our American soul.

And as the Arizona-based Brakey emphasizes, the plague of electronic registration stripping and vote flipping has guaranteed the on-going power of rigged elections to degrade our lives and politics.

Trump’s recent bigoted endorsement of the racist, Indian-killing Andrew Jackson underscores the problem.

With the future of our democracy in deep crisis, don’t miss this spirited discussion on how the Confederacy has never really gone away.

April 28, 2017  

ELECTION THEFT IN THE AGE of TRUMP is our Solartopian dilemma  as we’re joined by the great electoral heroes MIMI KENNEDY and JON SIMON.

The wonderful actress/activist Mimi Kennedy has been a mainstay of the movement for election integrity for years, writing and speaking tirelessly to bring us a system that might actually reflect the popular will.

Author Jon Simon’s CODE RED has been through two printings and outlines the catastrophic dangers of an electoral madhouse completely corrupted by corporate power and greed.

Together we discuss the recent very dubious special elections in Kansas and Georgia and the one upcoming in Montana.

But far more we take a long overlook at the gutting of our democracy and what to do about it.  Don’t miss this dialog!

April 24, 2017  
Legendary election protection hero BEV HARRIS joins Berkeley filmmaker DON GOLDMACHER in a powerful Solartopian excursion into the land of election theft.
Bev’s BLACKBOX VOTING work has paved the way for a generation of activists and researchers looking into our broken system of electing officials.  She lays out for us the
critical elements in electronic manipulation and voter elimination which together have produced the nightmare of an unelected Donald Trump.
Don’s long-time work on a wide range of issues brings us to his latest film on the power of the south in national politics.
These two brilliant players on the American political scene make for a riveting and important excursion into what is killing our country.  Don’t miss it!

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