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January 26, 2018  

SOLAR TARIFFS & PUERTO RICO concern us today in Solartopia.

Trump’s insane, absurd and downright silly duties on solar panels will cost about 23,000 jobs and do nothing to promote domestic manufacturing.  We talk with solar expert SCOTT SKLAR who knows all about it.

We then discuss the horror show in Puerto Rico with long-time activist JOEL SEGAL, who’s been working to form a citizens group to help that beleaguered island.  American citizens are still suffering and dying due to Trump’s vile neglect.  The latest outrage is an attempt to privatize the pubic utility there as a move to avoid going solar.  That our country could treat our fellow citizens this way is a crime and a shame.  Joel will tell you what you might do to help. 

January 19, 2018  

MAKING SENSE OF THE SIXTIES in Solartopia.  We talk with 1960s activists FRANCESCO DA VINCI and STEVE SPITZ about the great radical movements of the Vietnam Era 1965-75 and how they changed our world.

Francesco is a world-famous photographer whose photos feature some of our greatest celebrities, including Muhammed Ali, Richard Dreyfuss and many others.  Francesco is currently producing a memoir about his life as a Conscientious Objector, for which he faced a five-year prison sentence.

Steve was active in anti-war politics at the University of Michigan and was present (along with host Sluggo Wasserman) at the famous 1965 Vietnam Teach-In at Haven Hall in Ann Arbor.  Steve marched at the Pentagon in 1967 and the Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968.

Together we explore the importance of the marches for peace, civil rights and social justice, and their immense impact on how we live today.  If you’re at all interested in the roots of American radicalism, don’t miss this show.   

January 12, 2018  


Election protection heroes Bob Fitrakis, Chris Sautter and John Brakey join us in Solartopia to discuss the hugely important upcoming Supreme Court decision on voter suppression in Ohio.  The Court will decide whether secretaries of state like Jon Husted could eliminate millions of suspected Democrats from the voter rolls based primarily on race.

We also explore the dissolution of Kris Kobach’s KKK Jim Crow voter elimination panel being moved into the KGB Department of Homeland Security, where it will be beyond public scrunity.

And we discuss the new generation of electronic voting machines which can produce ballot images and allow hand-counted audits and recounts.

If you are at all interested in American democracy, don’t miss this show.

December 29, 2017  

Election theft in Alabama?  We look at the critical Senate race with renowned expert Chris Sautter, Mimi Kennedy, Jon Simon and Democratic National Committee member Susie Shannon.

Republican Roy Moore claims voter fraud.  And the state has refused to produce electronic ballot images.

Meantime the DNC does nothing. what does this mean for our fake democracy??

December 1, 2017  


Steve is a reporter for Alternet who’s written extensively on election theft.

SUSIE is a Bernie delegate from California to the Democratic National Committee.
John is one of America’s truly great election protection activists.

Together we explore the likelihood that the Democrats might allow the GOP to steal the upcoming Alabama Senate race.  We also wonder why the DNC is so lame and corrupt.

We explore electronic ballot images, the new Jim Crow and much more at the heart of election theft in the Age of Trump.

November 16, 2017  

We suffer through the horrible tragedy of Puerto Rico with JOEL SEGAL and ANNA BLACKBURN.  Anna’s mother lived in central Puerto Rico and has been sending first-hand reports of the on-going travesty of our government’s lack of response to the misery and death plaguing the island.

Joel fills us in with still more about what has been done to this ravaged American colony.
This is a terrible, tragic excursion into the obscene, uncaring neglect and worse perpetrated by an administration that DOES NOT CARE.
If you are at all interested in what’s still going on in Puerto Rico, that our corporate media will not cover, do not miss this show.
November 9, 2017  
November 9, 2017  

We’re joined in Solartopia by four great election protection experts:  MIMI KENNEDY, SUSIE SHANNON, JAMES BRAKEY & DOROTHY REIK.

This show, which was taped before the landmark takedown of FASCIST TRUMPISM, lays out the need for the Democratic Party & social democrats to monitor the vote.

More to come!!!

October 27, 2017  

We’re joined in Solartopia by DANE WATERS, remarkable world-class activist and conservationist whose work in preserving elephants ranks among the great human contributions to a better planet.

Waters is based in Florida and has an extensive career in Republican Party involvement, including long-time work with Sen. John McCain.  At the 2016 GOP Convention he pioneered an attempt to allow delegates a certain degree of freedom from Donald Trump, for which he received devastating stream of hate mail and abuse.  Dane’s opinions of Donald Trump are fully expressed in this show, and will be shared by many of our listeners.

The attempt to save the world’s elephants, Dane says, is a litmus test for our species, an opportunity to prove our worthiness to be a sane, caring player in a global eco-system that understands the value of all its organic parts.  From Myanmar and Africa to the zoos and preserves of North America, Dane’s The Elephant Project is a key piece of our right to survive.  Don’t miss this discussion.

October 23, 2017  

We are joined in solartopia by Harvard Ayers and Joel Siegel to discuss the horrible on going disaster in Puerto Rico as well as the fires still raging in Northern California.  These two global warming catastrophes have killed countless Americans and done hundreds of billions of dollars in damages.

Please listen in as we discuss what must be done and how to make sure things like this never happen again


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