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July 22, 2021  
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In a brilliant opening statement, North Carolina’s former Assistant Secretary of State ROBERT WILSON lays out the realities of the fascist coup we face. 

With riveting, soft-spoken prose, Wilson makes it clear that the battle over voting rights is the ultimate test of our future survival—both as a democracy and as a species on this embattled Earth.

We then hear from JAN GOODMAN about the on-going coup at the Pacifica Radio Network and the popular vote now being overturned by a failing, obsolete entrenched minority. 

No public-supported radio network that tells its listeners to DROP DEAD can expect to survive, and the battle at Pacific is far from over.

We hear from GLORIA TINUBU and RAY MCCLENDON about the uniquely powerful GEORGIA MIRACLE project, now documenting how the grassroots election protection movement beat Trump and put two Democrats from a state with a truly terrible history into the US Senate.

They're followed by TATANKA BRICCA, MYLA RESON, JOEL SEGAL, LYNNE FEINERMAN, DR. RUTH STRAUSS, HOWIE HAWKINS and many more critically important players in the movement to save our nation.

If you’re committed to our national democracy & ecological survival, don’t miss this GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION COALITION zoom #57. 

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