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July 14, 2021  
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The huge victory for a New Day at the Pacifica Radio Network may change the face of left media in America.

Led by the astounding JAN GOODMAN, the New Day by-laws may finally make Pacifica a viable, workable force on the left.

In our Grassroots Emergency Election Protection zoom #56 we are introduced to a new way of doing radical public radio that could vastly advance the causes of clean energy and election protection.

We hear from CHARLES MOORELAND of the DC Statehood movement about plans for the upcoming DREAM MARCH FOR DC STATEHOOD, GREEN JOBS & JUSTICE in Washington, August 27-30.

TATANKA BRICCA fills us in the rising movement for Indigenous voting rights.

We hear from RAY LUTZ about the latest insanity in Arizona.

JOEL SEGAL fills us in on the imperatives of movement-building to save American democracy.

HOWIE HAWKINS talks about ranked choice voting in the latest NYC mayoral race.

And much more….we are back on track to save or nation!!!

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