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July 8, 2021  
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We are joined by the great CHARLES MORELAND to talk DC Statehood and the upcoming “Dream March” events of August 27-28-29-30.  We convene in Washington, DC, for an Friday evening awards banquet, a major outdoor gathering, a prayer breakfast and, on Monday, August 30, a national round-table on jobs and justice, with the delivery to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue of at least one solar panel along with a plan for turning the White House into a Green House.
Long-time safe energy activist PAUL GUNTER then tells us of the insane Biden push to bail out the nation’s collapsing atomic energy industry, guaranteeing more TMI/Chernobyl/Fukushimas right here on our very home soil.  The proposal for billions of dollars to be wasted on dangerous, decrepit reactors could not be more foolish in the face of HUGE breakthroughs in solar, wind, batteries, LED/efficiency and more.
Together the issues of voting rights and renewable energy could not be more critical to human survival.
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