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July 29, 2021  
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The 58TH GRASSROOTS ELECTION PROTECTION COALITION zoom gathering begins with a hot discussion of the Senate filibuster and why a Democratic President like Joe Biden would support it.

We’re greeted by news that REV. JESSE JACKSON and others have been arrested at the office of Arizona Sen. Kirsten Sinema.

We hear from JUSTIN LEBLANC, HOWIE HAWKINS, DOROTHY REIK & other speculating on why the Democrats won’t move to restructure how our laws are made…and why they won’t come forward to protect our voting rights.

We hear from DC Statehood champion CHARLES MORELAND on the DC events upcoming August 27 (Awards Banquet), 28 (Mass Marches) and 29 (Prayer Breakfast). 

JOEL SEGAL then tells of the August 30 Summit/Roundtable bringing together 50 of the nation’s top leaders on voting rights, fighting poverty & winning a green-powered Earth.

Segal also discusses the idea of a progressive ALEC to mirror the Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council to draw up legislation for a just/green America.

Finally we get a mind-boggling report on the recount insanity in Arizona from STEVE ROSENFELD, JOHN BRAKEY & RAY LUTZ.  You couldn’t make this stuff up!!!

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