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October 29, 2020  
Amy Barrett on the US Supreme Court has given Trump a clearer pathway to stealing the White House.
We begin our Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition zoom #23 with a stirring invocation from CHASE IRON EYES, world-renown leader of the epic Indigenous fight against the Dakota Pipeline.
Chase and TATONKA BRICA also explain the official barriers meant to prevent Indigenous citizens from casting ballots and having them counted.
The same is true for countless non-millionaire citizens of youth and color now facing the coordinated assault of an incumbent regime with no intent of handing over power, whatever the outcome of the 2020 election.
In this gathering we once again sort through the details of an election under assault:  potentially rigged ballot scanners from which digital images are being deleted; denial of safe, secure ballot drop boxes; delays on mail-in ballots; ballots wrongly printed and misdirected and much more.
We do celebrate our successes.  Voting in sports arenas is a massive success.  So is the rise of millennial and GenZ citizens as poll workers, poll watchers and actual voters.  A Ballotpalooza event with a hugely loyal following.  And much more.
But for now, we must all work through this last week of the world’s most critical election since Germany 1933. 
 Hopefully, next week, we will have salvation to report.
October 22, 2020  


Our desperate nitty-gritty campaign to protect the 2020 election continues with our 22d GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION Zoom.

We start with the 1887 ELECTORAL COUNT ACT that might allow Trump to steal the election with Red legislatures overturning the popular vote and choose their own Electoral College delegations.

This terrifying situation has been reinforced by the pending appointment of yet another right-wing fanatic to the US Supreme Court, who could tip the ultimate vote count to enthrone Trump by 6-3 or 5-4.

Helping Trump’s coup is a court opinion upholding North Carolina’s demand that all mail-in ballots be accompanied by a signed witness affidavit.

 Reports of a high rejection rate among African-American voters have raised fears of yet another stolen election, with “cure” possibilities real but complex.

Ballot tracking capabilities in many states could help ease the problem.

Digital scanning machines in Florida and Michigan could be a great way to count votes, but they're also vulnerable to hacking, especially if they're discarding their digital images (for no real reason except to cheat).

In an election that will likely turn on those two states, our informed scrutiny could make all the difference.

There is much more.  If you are concerned about protecting the election that will decide the future of our species, please listen to this show.

October 15, 2020  
With the Dems crumbling as usual before a Supreme Court nominee meant to make Trump Dictator for Life, we cover all the bases in our 21st Election Protection zoom.
We begin by honoring INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S DAY with an invocation from TATONKA BRICA of America’s First People. We see how Trump’s outrageous hand maiden nominee could hand him the electon 6-3 or 5-4.  We explore how the 1887 ELECTORAL COUNT ACT could get him to the Supreme Court and on his way to Dictator for Life.
We confront the armed militias who set out to kidnap Michigan Governor GRETCHEN WHITMER.
We discuss the FAKE DROP BOXES in Los Angeles versus the unwillingness of Republican Secretaries of State in Ohio, Texas and elsewhere to deploy REAL DROP BOXES.
We cover the question of pre-processing of mailed-in ballots in ARIZONA and FLORIDA with legendary election protection experts ION SANCHO and JOHN BRAKEY.  
We hear from LYNNE BERNSTEIN about mailed-in ballots being voided in NORTH CAROLINA.
We hear from BOB FITRAKIS about the “cure”process in OHIO, who also tells us of absurdly misprinted ballots in a key swing Congressional district.
LORI GRACE presents us with a get-out-the-vote video based in PA.
As always, there’s much more.  If you are concerned about the current electoral apocalypse, and hope to do something about it, don’t miss this action-packed exploration.
October 8, 2020  


With many of the nation’s top experts we do the critical update on HOW THIS ELECTION IS BEING STOLEN & what we must do to protect it.

We look at the legal/Constitutional basis by which the Pennsylvania and other right-wing legislatures might intervene to nullify the popular vote and turn the Electoral College to Trump.

We get first-hand reports from NORTH CAROLINA, OHIO, FLORIDA, MICHIGAN, WISCONSIN and elsewhere on the assault Trump is waging on the right to vote.

We look at the DIGITAL IMAGING DEVICES being sabotaged throughout the country to prevent a fair and rapid vote count.

We examine the BALLOT MARKING DEVICES that are corrupting and delaying the early voting process.

We confront the issue of ARMED MILITIAS terrorizing voters in primarily African-American and university districts.

We prepare to do a DEFINITIVE HANDBOOK for the upcoming 2022 election….if there is one….

If you value your democracy, don’t miss this discussion….

October 2, 2020  



As we mourn the passing of the great RUTH BADER GINSBURG,  we face the reality that her replacement COULD BE STOPPED if the Democrats so choose.

We look into how to become a poll worker and a poll monitor—two very different things with different requirements.

We get in-depth reports on the latest election protection news from Steve Rosenfeld.

And up-to-date accountings from swing states North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin and more.

We also hear about voter intimidation in Fairfax County, Virginia, and elsewhere. 

As the election of our lifetime winds down, we hunker down to protect our election and keep up-to-date and exactly how that must be done.


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