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October 29, 2020  
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Amy Barrett on the US Supreme Court has given Trump a clearer pathway to stealing the White House.
We begin our Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition zoom #23 with a stirring invocation from CHASE IRON EYES, world-renown leader of the epic Indigenous fight against the Dakota Pipeline.
Chase and TATONKA BRICA also explain the official barriers meant to prevent Indigenous citizens from casting ballots and having them counted.
The same is true for countless non-millionaire citizens of youth and color now facing the coordinated assault of an incumbent regime with no intent of handing over power, whatever the outcome of the 2020 election.
In this gathering we once again sort through the details of an election under assault:  potentially rigged ballot scanners from which digital images are being deleted; denial of safe, secure ballot drop boxes; delays on mail-in ballots; ballots wrongly printed and misdirected and much more.
We do celebrate our successes.  Voting in sports arenas is a massive success.  So is the rise of millennial and GenZ citizens as poll workers, poll watchers and actual voters.  A Ballotpalooza event with a hugely loyal following.  And much more.
But for now, we must all work through this last week of the world’s most critical election since Germany 1933. 
 Hopefully, next week, we will have salvation to report.
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