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October 22, 2020  
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Our desperate nitty-gritty campaign to protect the 2020 election continues with our 22d GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION Zoom.

We start with the 1887 ELECTORAL COUNT ACT that might allow Trump to steal the election with Red legislatures overturning the popular vote and choose their own Electoral College delegations.

This terrifying situation has been reinforced by the pending appointment of yet another right-wing fanatic to the US Supreme Court, who could tip the ultimate vote count to enthrone Trump by 6-3 or 5-4.

Helping Trump’s coup is a court opinion upholding North Carolina’s demand that all mail-in ballots be accompanied by a signed witness affidavit.

 Reports of a high rejection rate among African-American voters have raised fears of yet another stolen election, with “cure” possibilities real but complex.

Ballot tracking capabilities in many states could help ease the problem.

Digital scanning machines in Florida and Michigan could be a great way to count votes, but they're also vulnerable to hacking, especially if they're discarding their digital images (for no real reason except to cheat).

In an election that will likely turn on those two states, our informed scrutiny could make all the difference.

There is much more.  If you are concerned about protecting the election that will decide the future of our species, please listen to this show.

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