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October 8, 2020  
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With many of the nation’s top experts we do the critical update on HOW THIS ELECTION IS BEING STOLEN & what we must do to protect it.

We look at the legal/Constitutional basis by which the Pennsylvania and other right-wing legislatures might intervene to nullify the popular vote and turn the Electoral College to Trump.

We get first-hand reports from NORTH CAROLINA, OHIO, FLORIDA, MICHIGAN, WISCONSIN and elsewhere on the assault Trump is waging on the right to vote.

We look at the DIGITAL IMAGING DEVICES being sabotaged throughout the country to prevent a fair and rapid vote count.

We examine the BALLOT MARKING DEVICES that are corrupting and delaying the early voting process.

We confront the issue of ARMED MILITIAS terrorizing voters in primarily African-American and university districts.

We prepare to do a DEFINITIVE HANDBOOK for the upcoming 2022 election….if there is one….

If you value your democracy, don’t miss this discussion….

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