Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour Harvey Wasserman embraces your views with a Solartopian vision of the people’s politics, ecology, holistic health and much more.

December 28, 2018  


We’re joined by legendary activists AMANDA ROBERTSON,RUSSELL GREENE & JOEL SEGAL to celebrate a green energy victory in North Carolina and to plot the future of the Green New Deal.

In North Carolina, Amanda and Joel have been at the heart of wining a major declaration for a totally renewable future in the heart of Duke Power country, one of the world’s most powerful and reactionary utilities.

On the national and global front, Russell has been a major player in pushing clean energy solutions for the climate chaos crisis.

Together we explore the how, where and when of winning a Solartopian future and saving our planet…as well as our economy.

If you’re ready to transform our future, and save our planet, don’t miss this show. 

December 21, 2018  


We’re joined in Solartopia by the great MARC ASH, Editor/Publisher of READER SUPPORTED NEWS, to discuss his recent assertions about the flagrant illegalities of Donald Trump.  Marc’s articles lay out the case that while we are not officially at war, and therefore Trump’s law-breaking may not be technically treasonous, they might certainly meet the standards of espionage.
We then welcome MEDEA BENJAMIN and JODIE EVANS of CODE PINK.  These two legendary activists have been effectively campaigning for peace, social justice and ecological harmony for decades with enormous impact.
We talk with Medea about the shocking vote of the US Senate—including many Republicans—to defy Trump and demand an end to US complicity with Saudi Arabia in the holocaust in Yemen.  
Jodie then fills us in on the Green New Deal and the need to switch to a peace-based budget that will fund the desperately-needed conversion to a renewable-based 100% green economy.  
With one of America’s great editors and two of its leading activists, this is a show you should not miss.  
December 17, 2018  


We dig deep into the festering swamp that is the Trumputin presidency with two fantastic experts.  

TED VAILL is an attorney and former military prosecutor.  CRAIG UNGER is author of the NYTimes bestseller HOUSE OF TRUMP HOUSE OF PUTIN.

Together they give an astonishing rundown of the money laundering and roiling miasma that Trump will NEVER escape. 

It’s an ASTONISHING excursion into illegality and idiocy you won’t want to miss.  This country is turning upside down and here you will see how.

JERRY ASHTON updates us on the impact concerning health care and medical debt.

And election protection expert STEVE ROSENFELD explains a powerful, hugely impactful legal victory won by Jill Stein and the Greens to force a new level of voting integrity into Pennsylvania.

Don’t miss this show. 

December 7, 2018  
After a brief rundown of the fascist coups being perpetrated in Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia and Ohio, we join JERRY ASHTON and JOEL SEGAL for an in-depth plunge into the nightmare of American healthcare and the medical debt it has spawned.
Jerry is co-author of END MEDICAL DEBT, an astonishing book documenting the near-miraculous movement to wipe out the medical debt of millions of Americans.  If you have unpaid doctor bills, you MUST listen to this show, read Jerry’s book, and go to his website .  Also see John Oliver’s astonishing segment ( ) on purchasing about $15 million medical debt and abolishing it, which he terms “the greatest TV giveaway in history.”
Joel is the long-time master of legislative organizing, and the force behind a major new push for Congress to at last approve MEDICARE FOR ALL.
As we await the Mueller hammer to fall, this is the most critical political push happening today.  If you’ve ever gotten a doctor bill, don’t miss this show.


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