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December 7, 2018  
After a brief rundown of the fascist coups being perpetrated in Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia and Ohio, we join JERRY ASHTON and JOEL SEGAL for an in-depth plunge into the nightmare of American healthcare and the medical debt it has spawned.
Jerry is co-author of END MEDICAL DEBT, an astonishing book documenting the near-miraculous movement to wipe out the medical debt of millions of Americans.  If you have unpaid doctor bills, you MUST listen to this show, read Jerry’s book, and go to his website .  Also see John Oliver’s astonishing segment ( ) on purchasing about $15 million medical debt and abolishing it, which he terms “the greatest TV giveaway in history.”
Joel is the long-time master of legislative organizing, and the force behind a major new push for Congress to at last approve MEDICARE FOR ALL.
As we await the Mueller hammer to fall, this is the most critical political push happening today.  If you’ve ever gotten a doctor bill, don’t miss this show.
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