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December 21, 2018  


We’re joined in Solartopia by the great MARC ASH, Editor/Publisher of READER SUPPORTED NEWS, to discuss his recent assertions about the flagrant illegalities of Donald Trump.  Marc’s articles lay out the case that while we are not officially at war, and therefore Trump’s law-breaking may not be technically treasonous, they might certainly meet the standards of espionage.
We then welcome MEDEA BENJAMIN and JODIE EVANS of CODE PINK.  These two legendary activists have been effectively campaigning for peace, social justice and ecological harmony for decades with enormous impact.
We talk with Medea about the shocking vote of the US Senate—including many Republicans—to defy Trump and demand an end to US complicity with Saudi Arabia in the holocaust in Yemen.  
Jodie then fills us in on the Green New Deal and the need to switch to a peace-based budget that will fund the desperately-needed conversion to a renewable-based 100% green economy.  
With one of America’s great editors and two of its leading activists, this is a show you should not miss.  
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