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December 17, 2018  


We dig deep into the festering swamp that is the Trumputin presidency with two fantastic experts.  

TED VAILL is an attorney and former military prosecutor.  CRAIG UNGER is author of the NYTimes bestseller HOUSE OF TRUMP HOUSE OF PUTIN.

Together they give an astonishing rundown of the money laundering and roiling miasma that Trump will NEVER escape. 

It’s an ASTONISHING excursion into illegality and idiocy you won’t want to miss.  This country is turning upside down and here you will see how.

JERRY ASHTON updates us on the impact concerning health care and medical debt.

And election protection expert STEVE ROSENFELD explains a powerful, hugely impactful legal victory won by Jill Stein and the Greens to force a new level of voting integrity into Pennsylvania.

Don’t miss this show. 

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