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April 5, 2019  


Of course the Trump GOP is already working to steal the 2020 election.

The counter attack is coming from dedicated election protection activists carrying the fight to the courts, the legislatures, the grassroots.

So JOHN BRAKEY, STEVE ROSENFELD and BOB FITRAKIS join us in a no frills, cut-to-the-core discussion of how the ballots in 2020 must be cast and counted.

The scenario centers on hand-marked computer-generated paper ballots that are then inserted back into the machine and scanned into ballot images, with the original paper ballots preserved on the other end.

Ironically, Florida may now go wholly to such a system, while it spreads elsewhere around this country.

If you're interested in protecting democracy in 2020, don’t miss this discussion. 

March 29, 2019  


March Madness indeed.
The great CRAIG UNGER (House of Trump House of Putin; House of Bush House of Saud) gives us his brilliant perspective on the gargantuan pool of Trump criminality backing the Mueller-Barr fiasco.
We have learned the Report is at least 300 page.  We don’t know if that includes appendices and other critical material.
But one this is certain:  Trump has been laundering Russian money for thirty years.
Attorney TED VAIL and activist MARCY WINOGRAD explore the variations of this astonishing scenario as we walk the brink of another traitorous president.
Marcy also contributes some astounding new developments on the Diablo Canyon nuke disaster.   Are we near a breakthrough at the CPUC?
March 22, 2019  

Protecting the 2020 Election 

We are Joined by election protection heroes John Brakey and Bob Fitrakis.  they tell us how we must protect the upcoming apocalyptic election of 2020. 

There are great solutions including ballot imaging and hand cast paper ballots

Learn all about it with these two spectacular experts and then see how you can make the difference

March 15, 2019  

How Fast Will Nuke Power Collapse?

Atomic experts Jim Green, Paul Gunter and Kevin Kamps explain how a dying reactor industry is clamping on to bought state legislatures for gargantuan handouts 

Jim reports from Australia that renewables are digging deep into the sick dependence on coal down there and that small reactors are all but dead.

Kevin reports on a wind power revolution in Iowa. 

Paul tells of the nuke bailouts in New Hampshire 

These three great experts are not to be missed if you’re concerned about our nukes future 

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March 8, 2019  


We joined by world-class election experts BOB FITRAKIS and STEVE ROSENFELD to discuss the mechanics of the upcoming election, both the primaries and the general.

Steve tells us that the Democrats are planning some really bizarre procedures for their election process, including voting by mail and by cell phone.  

Bob points out that Ohio is planning to run its elections on machines that may or may not have ballot imaging devices, which are essential to a fair vote count.  And that in some cases, county elections boards simply will not turn on the ballot imaging devices.

The whole issue has taken on Alice-in-Wonderland dimensions that in some cases are positively surreal.

But if you are prepared for another lifetime with Donald Trump, don’t waste your time with this astounding discussion.

March 1, 2019  


We’re joined in Solartopia by MARC ASH, the brilliant editor/publisher of Reader Supported News (, and BOB FITRAKIS, the great editor/publisher of
Both are steeped in the tortured US intrusions into oil-rich Venezuela and its south-of-the-border siblings.  
Rather than allow any nation, near or far, to run anything other than a corporate-capitalist economy, our imperial minions are prepared to crush any upstart…especially one with lots of oil.
That would now be Venezuela.  It would include Nicaragua and Brazil.  And, of course, it’s been Cuba for sixty years.
We also visit with Michael Cohen, recalling the various felonies his public testimony nailed to the mafioso in chief.  
Indeed, as The Donald visits the Vietnam he avoided during the draft days, he blows it with his latest autocratic lover.
Will wonders never cease!
February 22, 2019  


Our nation is drowning in horribly destructive debt from medical treatments, ruining lives and forcing our citizenry to choose between bankruptcy and dying for lack of health care.

Author JERRY ASHTON and publisher JUDAH FREED come to Solartopia to tell us about their amazing book END MEDICAL DEBT, which explains in riveting detail how our broken health care system is destroying the fabric of our society with over $1.5 trillion in accumulated unpaid bills.

They also lay out the realities of their amazing charity RIP Medical Debt which takes donations and turns them into liberation from the crushing horrors of massive financial liability stemming from simply trying to stay alive.

This is an incredibly powerful and important aspect to modern life….and the one you save, could be your own. If you ever have to see a doctor, go to the hospital or buy a pharmaceutical, don’t miss this show.

February 18, 2019  


We start in Solartopia today with the great activists JOEL SEGAL and JAMES FAKUDA dealing with the Mobster-in-Chief’s insane emergency, his desperate dodge to avoid criminal prosecution and high-profile Congressional hearings.

We hear from these two great guests how our nation, in saner times, can abolish homelessness and remake our stricken society in ways that make human sense.

We then talk with atomic experts MYLA RESON and MICHAEL KEEGAN about the devastating details of the deadly realities at Diablo Canyon and other dying atomic power plants. 

 Embrittlement, cracking, deferred maintenance, earthquakes, waste, incompetence and no need for power—these are the seven deadly sins of atomic energy that could kill us all.

We must not let it happen!   

February 8, 2019  


> The huge Diablo Unit One is shut for refueling.  Its owner, Pacific Gas & Electric, is bankrupt.

> Massive public pressure wants the new governor, Gavin Newsom, to test the plant for seven key factors before it refuels:
> embrittlement, cracking, deferred maintenance, earthquake vulnerability, waste management, managerial competence and need for power.

> We discuss this all with nuclear expert/activists PAUL GUNTER and LINDA SEELEY.

> We’re also joined by BOB FITRAKIS, who brings in an Ohio dimension.

> This essential discussion covers the bases in America’s most critical nuclear power debate.  If you’re concerned about the next atomic apocalypse, don’t miss this show.

February 1, 2019  


Election Protection experts BOB FITRAKIS and STEVE ROSENFELD explain how our electoral process is being contested in Ohio, California and throughout the US.

Bob and Steve explain the latest nuances in gerrymandering, electronic machines, registration stripping, vote count flipping and much more.

If you’re worried about how our democracy will play out by next November, don’t miss this show.

We also hear from Harvey, at the opener, about the amazing fight now raging over California’s Diablo nuclear plant, with its owner, Pacific Gas & Electric, now in bankruptcy.

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