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May 28, 2020  


In the face of an election Donald Trump is desperately trying to steal (while claiming the reverse) we speak with three of the great crusaders for our right to vote.

ANDREA MILLER of People Demanding Action is working full time to check voter registration rolls and re-instate the millions that the Trump Cult has stripped.

ALAN MINSKY of Progressive Democrats of America is also working with this great natonal grassroots PDA organization to protect our elections in key states and make sure the people’s voice is heard.

JOEL SEGAL of the National Emergency COVID response group has helped us organize our weekly zoom gatherings to provide a national-state-county network for protecting the vote, and is working on a wide range of desperately needed social responses to the terrors of the Trumpocalypse.  .

Together these three great activists are bringing the fight over the 2020 election to a level where the people might actually triumph.  Do join us to find out how!

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