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June 18, 2020  
In the midst of the most bitterly contested national election in memory, following of primary fiascos in Georgia, Ohio & Wisconsin, we convene the First National Emergency Election Protection Webinar.
We dig deep into the details of the all-important Trifecta/Trinity of how this election will proceed:  Voter Registration, Vote by Mail and Counting the Ballots.
Broad ideological issues are not at stake here:  we all believe in democracy, which is why we are doing this webinar.  
But the election will be decided in the details.  Pro-democracy activists MUST get involved with their local and county election boards to know EXACTLY what is going on.  
Registration rolls must be checked, Vote by Mail procedures must be confirmed, the vote counts must be monitored.  In 2020 it is not enough just to vote; you MUST be involved on the deepest possible levels.
This Webinar aims to make it clear to you just how to do it.  Listen closely, pass it on, and get active!
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