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November 26, 2021  
We’re joined at session #73 of the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection zooms by ANDREA MILLER of the Center for Common Ground and RAY MCCLENDON of the Atlanta NAACP.
We face a crisis in the rise of fascism that can only be defeated with the restoration of voting rights and the defeat of Gerrymandering, facilitated by two major bills now before Congress.
Long-term victory demands establishing DEMOCRACY CENTERS and meaningful, sustainable pro-democracy campaigns wherever possible.
That means moving the millions of donor dollars that are wasted on TV ads into on-the-ground organizing that can restore our democracy.
Thus the slogan NO MORE TERRY MCAULIFFEs as a reminder that boring, mid-road campaigners clog the arteries needed to deliver real public input.  
As JOEL SEGAL makes clear, these voting rights bills MUST be made law either by passing Congress, which will require defeating the filibuster, or by Executive Order.
JAN BEN DOR joins us from Michigan to describe the grassroots efforts there to win back voting rights through a Constitutional Amendment proposed via referendum.
And HEDY TRIPP sets the stage for January 29th’s special session with KEITH ELLISON, Attorney-General of Minnesota and a power in the Democratic National Committee.
With our Republic and way of life under intense fascistic attack, these sessions are absolutely essential.  JOIN US!!!
November 19, 2021  
Our 72d Grassroots Emergency Election Protection zoom begins with FRANCESCO DA VINCI whose “I Will Not Kill” is an account of a lifetime of peace activism and of his resistance to the draft during the Vietnam War.  
He features photos of Jack and Robert Kennedy, Muhammed Ali, Dr. King and many more notables in his remarkable exposition on the need to stop military violence.
JOEL SEGAL then plunges us into the deep intrigues surrounding the John Lewis Voting Act and the desperate need to protect what’s left of our electoral system.
Evaluating such steps as an Executive Order, filibuster cut-out, reconciliation bill and more, Joel issues a call to action for a national, unified campaign to win this campaign and protect our elections.
Nothing could be more vital.
Except…the global environment.  Solar industry expert RON LEONARD fills us in on the latest from the COP meeting in Europe, and on the embattled solar panel industry that holds the key to human survival.
We note that President Biden is actually meeting with Chinese leader Xi.
Finally we hear from Orlando, Florida, where CHUCK O’NEAL gives us an astounding tour of his pathbreaking work on winning legal rights for our Planet Earth.
This must-hear exposition could re-define our ability to save our only home.  Don’t Miss It!!!
November 4, 2021  


In the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Zoom #70, with up to 80 people present, we’re led by the great JOEL SEGAL as we confront what’s happening with the premier voter protection Acts of our time. 

Without federal legislation to guarantee the ability of our citizens to cast ballots and have them reliably counted, the future of our democracy is in the tank. 

But the possibility that a single Republican—Lisa Murkowski of Alaska—might join the Democrats gives our fragile democracy a glimmer of light. 

We also visit the fearsome Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial (he’s the kid who killed two demonstrators in Kenosha, Wisconsin) the soon-to-be catastrophic Virginia governor’s race, the “Georgia Way” project and much more.

Then we dive deep down into the issue of recounts and audits.  With Trump calling “stolen” every election he loses, the certainty is that all future elections will be recounted and audited.

With RAY LUTZ, ERIC LAZARUS, SUSAN PYNCHON and many more, we delve to the core of how our future electoral contests will be certified and/or denied.

The need for uniform federal standards and enforcement could not be greater.   We will be dealing with critical issue for years to come. 


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