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November 19, 2021  
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Our 72d Grassroots Emergency Election Protection zoom begins with FRANCESCO DA VINCI whose “I Will Not Kill” is an account of a lifetime of peace activism and of his resistance to the draft during the Vietnam War.  
He features photos of Jack and Robert Kennedy, Muhammed Ali, Dr. King and many more notables in his remarkable exposition on the need to stop military violence.
JOEL SEGAL then plunges us into the deep intrigues surrounding the John Lewis Voting Act and the desperate need to protect what’s left of our electoral system.
Evaluating such steps as an Executive Order, filibuster cut-out, reconciliation bill and more, Joel issues a call to action for a national, unified campaign to win this campaign and protect our elections.
Nothing could be more vital.
Except…the global environment.  Solar industry expert RON LEONARD fills us in on the latest from the COP meeting in Europe, and on the embattled solar panel industry that holds the key to human survival.
We note that President Biden is actually meeting with Chinese leader Xi.
Finally we hear from Orlando, Florida, where CHUCK O’NEAL gives us an astounding tour of his pathbreaking work on winning legal rights for our Planet Earth.
This must-hear exposition could re-define our ability to save our only home.  Don’t Miss It!!!
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