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November 4, 2021  
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In the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Zoom #70, with up to 80 people present, we’re led by the great JOEL SEGAL as we confront what’s happening with the premier voter protection Acts of our time. 

Without federal legislation to guarantee the ability of our citizens to cast ballots and have them reliably counted, the future of our democracy is in the tank. 

But the possibility that a single Republican—Lisa Murkowski of Alaska—might join the Democrats gives our fragile democracy a glimmer of light. 

We also visit the fearsome Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial (he’s the kid who killed two demonstrators in Kenosha, Wisconsin) the soon-to-be catastrophic Virginia governor’s race, the “Georgia Way” project and much more.

Then we dive deep down into the issue of recounts and audits.  With Trump calling “stolen” every election he loses, the certainty is that all future elections will be recounted and audited.

With RAY LUTZ, ERIC LAZARUS, SUSAN PYNCHON and many more, we delve to the core of how our future electoral contests will be certified and/or denied.

The need for uniform federal standards and enforcement could not be greater.   We will be dealing with critical issue for years to come. 

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