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December 30, 2020  
The hugely publicized special US Senate runoffs in Georgia will determine control of the upper house….and of much of the political agenda for years to come.
This Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition zoom gathering #33 gets into the deep detail of how the election will be conducted and protected.
We’re joined again by RAY MCCLENDON, political direction of the Atlanta NAACP, who fills us in on what’s happening on the ground with getting out the vote.
We also hear from JEANNE DUFORT of Citizens for Good Governance on the complex interior of how the election will be conducted.
From JENNIFER TANNER, EMILY LEVY, LORA CHAMBERLAIN, DON WOLF, JOHN BRAKEY, BOB FITRAKIS & others we cover much of the ground we’ll need to see in making sure the vote count actually matches the public will.
The Fate of the Earth is now in the hands of the voters of Georgia.  Listen to find out how we can honor what they have to say.  
December 24, 2020  
Our emergency election protection excursion takes us today deep into the weeds of Georgia.  
As we face the most critical pair of US Senate runoffs in our nation’s history, we take on the details on exactly how this election will be conducted and how it must be protected. 
We start with RAY MCCLENDON, political director of the Atlanta NAACP, which is at the heart of the all-important voter turnout. 
 Ray has been coordinating the critical Get Out The Vote campaigns meant to raise the turnout among the African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American communities.  
His success at bringing citizens to the polls will determine control of the United States Senate.
He is followed by the legendary MARILYN MARKS and LIZ THROOP of the Coalition for Good Governance.  
The CGG has led the way in plumbing the depths of how Georgia’s election apparatus has been manipulated to serve the interests of the entrenched elite.
In particular we focus on the entirely extraneous ballot marking devices foisted on the system by the secretary of state.  
These machines make the voting process unnecessarily complex and vulnerable to hacking.  We need to know them inside & out!
December 17, 2020  
Just 3 weeks away from America’s decisive January 5 Senate run-offs in Georgia, we are joined in our 31st GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION COALITION zoom gathering with an astonishing diversity of democracy advocates.
Public Service Commission candidate DANIEL BLACKMAN explains his campaign’s vital focus on the broadband and nuke power issues likely to expand grassroots turnout in the state’s rural counties.
CHRISTIAN NUNES, President of the National Organization for Women, tells us in critical detail how her legendary movement builds participation in America’s democratic process.
A focus on women of Asian descent is discussed by HEDY TRIPP, who introduces us to ASKA MAHMOOD of the Georgia Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
DANIEL NELSON of the Standing Rock-based Indigenous election protection campaign explains its focus on turning out Native American voters in the upcoming Georgia vote.
From the Atlanta NAACP, RAY MCCLENDON explains his legendary powerful group’s GOTV efforts and its need for large-scale funding.
We’re also joined by EMILY LEVY of Scrutineers, who discusses her groups efforts to train and deploy grassroots organizers.
And by other great Election Protectionists working at the Grassroots.
If you are at all aware of Georgia's upcoming January 5 three-race mega-runoff, don’t miss this call!!
December 11, 2020  
First we hear from MAUREEN TAYLOR, who reports on the militia madness in Michigan.
We then jump into the epic battle for a Public Service Commission seat and and 2 US Senate seats in Georgia as they boil down to voter registration and turnout.  
We’re joined for that by CHERYLE MOSES of Progressive Democrats of America to talk about her work in Gwynette County….
…by RAY MCCLENDON of the Atlanta NAACP…
….by JOEL SEGAL of
Safe energy activist Glenn Carroll explains the true nuclear catastrophe at Plant Vogtle in GA and how it might affect the PSC and Senate races.
…by HEDY TRIPP in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and many more.
We also hear from ATTY. BOB FITRAKIS & others about the deep Constitutional issues surrounding Trump’s assault on the US electoral system.
With the US Supreme Court’s rejection of a Trump challenge to the vote count in PA, this phase of the election may be over.  Or is it?
Stay Tuned!!!
December 3, 2020  

As Trump closes in on destroying the republic, our absolutely jammed 90-minute zoom covers:
The birth of our four-year campaign to guarantee a reformed electoral system, including universal hand-marked / scanned / hand-counted paper, ballots, an end to gerrymandering, abolition of the Electoral College and much more.
Check out the laundry list at  Hear co-convenor JOEL SEGAL. 
The nitty-gritty from the Georgia grassroots, featuring the great RAY MCCLENDON of the ATLANTA NAACP.  We go into deep detail on how YOU can help drive the turnout in the upcoming Georgia US Senate runoffs, and the pivotal race for the Public Service Commission.
The very latest from the attempted Trump coup, with legal experts BOB FITRAKIS, PAUL LEHTO, RAY LUTZ and more.  This shifting catastrophe being choreographed from the White House has turned our nation upside down.  Hear the deep details and prepare for the worst.
And see us again Monday, 5-6:30pm eastern time via, or stay tuned for the re-podcast here at the Green Power & Wellness Show at  Thanks!


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