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December 24, 2020  
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Our emergency election protection excursion takes us today deep into the weeds of Georgia.  
As we face the most critical pair of US Senate runoffs in our nation’s history, we take on the details on exactly how this election will be conducted and how it must be protected. 
We start with RAY MCCLENDON, political director of the Atlanta NAACP, which is at the heart of the all-important voter turnout. 
 Ray has been coordinating the critical Get Out The Vote campaigns meant to raise the turnout among the African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American communities.  
His success at bringing citizens to the polls will determine control of the United States Senate.
He is followed by the legendary MARILYN MARKS and LIZ THROOP of the Coalition for Good Governance.  
The CGG has led the way in plumbing the depths of how Georgia’s election apparatus has been manipulated to serve the interests of the entrenched elite.
In particular we focus on the entirely extraneous ballot marking devices foisted on the system by the secretary of state.  
These machines make the voting process unnecessarily complex and vulnerable to hacking.  We need to know them inside & out!
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