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December 30, 2020  
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The hugely publicized special US Senate runoffs in Georgia will determine control of the upper house….and of much of the political agenda for years to come.
This Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition zoom gathering #33 gets into the deep detail of how the election will be conducted and protected.
We’re joined again by RAY MCCLENDON, political direction of the Atlanta NAACP, who fills us in on what’s happening on the ground with getting out the vote.
We also hear from JEANNE DUFORT of Citizens for Good Governance on the complex interior of how the election will be conducted.
From JENNIFER TANNER, EMILY LEVY, LORA CHAMBERLAIN, DON WOLF, JOHN BRAKEY, BOB FITRAKIS & others we cover much of the ground we’ll need to see in making sure the vote count actually matches the public will.
The Fate of the Earth is now in the hands of the voters of Georgia.  Listen to find out how we can honor what they have to say.  
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