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December 27, 2019  


As Bernie Sanders shows escalating strength at the grassroots, we explore 2020s electoral realities with two GREAT activists:  JOEL SEGAL and BOB FITRAKIS.
Both long-time associates of the legendary Detroit Congressman John Conyers, Bob and Joel have unique in/outsider grasps on how the electoral system and the Democratic Party really work.
Bob is now an amicus attorney in the pivotal cases surrounding Ohio’s nuke bailout repeal, in which the atomic industry is conspiring to destroy the referendum process by physical force.
Like Bob, Joel is integral to the nationwide grassroots movement to protect the integrity of the 2020 election and prevent it from again being stolen.
As we ramble through the realities of the corrupt corporate Democrats and our compromised electoral process, we grapple with the fact that this campaign will determine the fate of human life on this Earth.
Don’t miss the outcome!!!
December 23, 2019  


Nothing cuts to the core of the 2020 election more sharply than the Trump Party attack on the right to vote.

Legendary activist BARBARA ARNWINE and voting rights expert STEVE ROSENFELD inform us on the GOP's latest attempts to suppress the public franchise. 

Barbara discusses the infamous Texas attack on Crystal Mason, an African-American ex-felon facing stiff prison sentences from her attempt to vote.  As Barbara shows, the prosecution is clearly designed to intimidate voters.

Much more like it, she says, is being directed all over the country. 

Steve follows up with discussions of new voting machine technologies and much more.  From state to gerrymandered state, he says, the questions surrounding how we will cast ballots and have them counted grow ever more fierce. 

If you’re concerned about where our democracy is headed in 2020, this in-depth exploration of our crumbling democracy from two world-class experts is not to be missed. 

December 13, 2019  


We’re joined in Solartopia by the great ALAN MINSKY, Executive Director of PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS OF AMERICA and a long-time force at the Pacifica Radio Network.

A deeply committed expert on British politics, Alan dissects the tragic catastrophe of Britain’s Brexit vote and the devastating crash of the “Corbyn Campaign” within the British Labor movement.

Deeply moved, Alan explains the complex forces that have reshaped British politics and portend extremely difficult times ahead.

He also tells of the great work being done by PDA and the Sandernista movement for social democracy and ecological sanity here in the United States. 

PDA has some 50,000 affiliate activists to go with the 5 million affiliated with OUR REVOLUTION, the grassroots uprising ignited by Bernie Sanders.

On the American scene today, there’s no one more knowledgeable, committed or effective than Alan Minsky.  Don’t miss this moving, deeply informative visit with him.

December 6, 2019  

Medical Debt and Mass Murder

We talk first with the great Jerry Ashton about his astonishing campaign to wipe out the medical bills of those in collection. has so far freed a half-million families from more than a billion dollars in financial liabilities.  Join us to find out how.

We then hear from Jevin Lamar who was raised impoverished and unloved in Dayton, Ohio.  His amazing story is both heartbreaking and uplifting. So is the rap song he wrote and sings about his cousin, a father of four gunned down in Dayton’s horrific mass shooting last august.

For pure pride and pathos don’t miss this show. 


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