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December 13, 2019  


We’re joined in Solartopia by the great ALAN MINSKY, Executive Director of PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS OF AMERICA and a long-time force at the Pacifica Radio Network.

A deeply committed expert on British politics, Alan dissects the tragic catastrophe of Britain’s Brexit vote and the devastating crash of the “Corbyn Campaign” within the British Labor movement.

Deeply moved, Alan explains the complex forces that have reshaped British politics and portend extremely difficult times ahead.

He also tells of the great work being done by PDA and the Sandernista movement for social democracy and ecological sanity here in the United States. 

PDA has some 50,000 affiliate activists to go with the 5 million affiliated with OUR REVOLUTION, the grassroots uprising ignited by Bernie Sanders.

On the American scene today, there’s no one more knowledgeable, committed or effective than Alan Minsky.  Don’t miss this moving, deeply informative visit with him.

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