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December 23, 2019  


Nothing cuts to the core of the 2020 election more sharply than the Trump Party attack on the right to vote.

Legendary activist BARBARA ARNWINE and voting rights expert STEVE ROSENFELD inform us on the GOP's latest attempts to suppress the public franchise. 

Barbara discusses the infamous Texas attack on Crystal Mason, an African-American ex-felon facing stiff prison sentences from her attempt to vote.  As Barbara shows, the prosecution is clearly designed to intimidate voters.

Much more like it, she says, is being directed all over the country. 

Steve follows up with discussions of new voting machine technologies and much more.  From state to gerrymandered state, he says, the questions surrounding how we will cast ballots and have them counted grow ever more fierce. 

If you’re concerned about where our democracy is headed in 2020, this in-depth exploration of our crumbling democracy from two world-class experts is not to be missed. 

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