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September 23, 2014  

JILL STEIN talks about that massive, magical, mystery tour of a march in New York City this equinox Sunday, and what it means for the future of our climate.

September 17, 2014  
Our Solartopian conversation about the GIANT CLIMATE MARCH, CORPORATIONS and SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE is with DAVID MORRIS of the Institution for Local Self-Reliance and HARRIET BARLOW of the Blue Mountain Center.
These great long-time activists fill us in on the origins of the global 9/21 march on climate change and how it relates to issues of corporate control.  They will be marching with the masses this weekend to end global warming amidst a huge array of meetings and organizing.
David has also authored an important article on this week’s vote on SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE ( ) and explains its critical importance in terms of a global movement for smaller countries.  
The corporations will counter-attack, he warns.  But Scotland may open a Third Wave of new country formation that could make our world a better place.  Let’s Hope!!!
September 9, 2014  

SAVING THE INTERNET is critical to a Solartopian future.  But it's under attack from corporate "ISP" providers determined to censor public dialogue and make themselves even richer.  TIM KARR of and BOB FITRAKIS of give us the full story on the attack of the corporate elite on the one remaining electronic bastion of a free press---the open, unrestrained internet.  A regulation that would destroy this has been introduced by Thomas Wheeler, chair of the Federal Communications Commission, an Obama appointee.  According to Tim Karr, this proposal has drawn more than 1.4 million public comments, 99% of which are in opposition to allowing corporations to charge websites more money for better access, a provision that would tilt the internet towards big money elites and destroy democratic interplay.  PRN and so much more of what's left of our democracy depend on the defeat of this cynical regulation.  Hear all about it on this show and TAKE ACTION NOW!

September 2, 2014  

THE DEVIL'S NUKE at Diablo Canyon, California, cannot meet basic earthquake, tsunami, fire hazard or water quality standards.    So DAVID LOCHBAUM of the Union of Concerned Scientists ( and ROCHELLE BECKER of California's ALLIANCE 4 NUCLEAR RESPONSIBILITY ( tell us how this pair of gargantuan reactors between Los Angeles and San Francisco threaten us all.  A newly released report from Nuclear Regulatory Commission Insider Dr. Michael Peck warns that the fault lines surrounding these nukes could deliver shocks far stronger than the plant is designed to withstand.  Dave Lochbaum has written than the plant can't meet basic fire protection criteria.  And Rochelle Becker reports that state law requires major changes to the plant's cooling system that would cost billions of dollars to install.    Grassroots citizen action recently shut two San Onofre reactors to the south.  The question is:  will it do the same to Diablo Canyon before disaster strikes? 


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