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September 17, 2014  
Our Solartopian conversation about the GIANT CLIMATE MARCH, CORPORATIONS and SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE is with DAVID MORRIS of the Institution for Local Self-Reliance and HARRIET BARLOW of the Blue Mountain Center.
These great long-time activists fill us in on the origins of the global 9/21 march on climate change and how it relates to issues of corporate control.  They will be marching with the masses this weekend to end global warming amidst a huge array of meetings and organizing.
David has also authored an important article on this week’s vote on SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE ( ) and explains its critical importance in terms of a global movement for smaller countries.  
The corporations will counter-attack, he warns.  But Scotland may open a Third Wave of new country formation that could make our world a better place.  Let’s Hope!!!
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