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September 2, 2014  

THE DEVIL'S NUKE at Diablo Canyon, California, cannot meet basic earthquake, tsunami, fire hazard or water quality standards.    So DAVID LOCHBAUM of the Union of Concerned Scientists ( and ROCHELLE BECKER of California's ALLIANCE 4 NUCLEAR RESPONSIBILITY ( tell us how this pair of gargantuan reactors between Los Angeles and San Francisco threaten us all.  A newly released report from Nuclear Regulatory Commission Insider Dr. Michael Peck warns that the fault lines surrounding these nukes could deliver shocks far stronger than the plant is designed to withstand.  Dave Lochbaum has written than the plant can't meet basic fire protection criteria.  And Rochelle Becker reports that state law requires major changes to the plant's cooling system that would cost billions of dollars to install.    Grassroots citizen action recently shut two San Onofre reactors to the south.  The question is:  will it do the same to Diablo Canyon before disaster strikes? 

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