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January 3, 2022  
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We’re joined by the great LINDA SEELEY of the legendary San Luis Obispo MOTHERS FOR PEACE who fills us in on the latest battles at Diablo Canyon. 

The two California nukes are scheduled to shut in 2024 and 2025, but in a fit of major insanity the Biden Administration is now lobbying to keep them open. 

Linda updates us on the endless and worsening problems facing these two incredibly dangerous nukes.

RON LEONARD then fills us in on all the latest developments in the solar industry and the fossil/nuke attempts to kill it.

Solar taxes and other scams are being thrown at the solar industry by utility companies fearful of losing their monopolies.

Slave labor and other issues have seeped in from China.

But prices continue to drop and the industry seems to be holding its own….for now!

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