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January 7, 2022  
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We’re joined by the great LINDA PENCE GUNTER from Beyond Nuclear to celebrate the rapid demise of atomic power in Germany. 

On December 31, 2021, Germany shut three of its remaining six reactors; the last three will shut December 31, 2022.

This means the world’s fourth-largest economy will be totally nuke free.

Meanwhile serious cracks in at least four French reactors threaten to shut that nation’s electricity supply in the midst of a very cold winter.

Worldwide as the epic failure of atomic power worsens, we see a massive rise in renewables.

From California the great TATONKA BRICCA tells us of the Green movement to completely convert the Golden State to 100% renewables.

But the fossil/nuclear industry is doing all it can to shut the spread of rooftop solar, which employs upwards of 50,000 and is providing cheap, safe, clean reliable energy statewide.

Tatonka also updates us on the critical move to make California a true democracy with protected election boards and transparent redistricting.

Don’t miss this critical discussion of true democracy in both energy and the ballot box. 

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