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July 21, 2015  

World-renowned election protection expert BOB FITRAKIS joins us again from central Ohio to further explore the electronic challenges facing any non-Republican candidate for president and other office in 2016.  

The safe assumption that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee makes it incumbent upon us all to explore how the election is likely to be stolen.  Our experience with mainstream Democrats like Ms. Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry indicates that as in 2000 and 2004, they are likely to do nothing to expose the obvious manipulation and theft of our voting process.  

So as members of the Green Party, Dr. Fitrakis and HarveyW discuss the various steps that could be taken to protect the process in 2016. Harvey was a plaintiff and Bob the lead attorney in the successful King-Lincoln-Bronzeville federal lawsuit that exposed much of what had been done to steal the 2004 election.  In this series we prepare for the next round of battle in an electoral system that is yet again on the brink of being bought, rigged, lynched and flipped.  

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