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July 19, 2019  


As TRUMP channels his inner HITLER we face an insane NUKE BAILOUT IN OHIO that could bankrupt the state and make it a radioactive wasteland.

With BECCA POLLARD of the Ohio Sierra Club, nuke expert MICHAEL KEEGAN of Don’t Waste Michigan, and KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear we begin our show with the obligatory exploration of Donald Trump’s attempted fascist putsch.
As a history professor it’s clear Trump is plotting a textbook fascist takeover, complete with race hate, violence and contempt for democracy.  It is time to use the “H” word (Hitler) and to be prepared .  

We then cover the criminal $150 million/year robbery being attempted by FirstEnergy to "bail out” the decayed, destructive, bankrupt nukes that are super-heating Lake Erie and all around them.

The scam FirstEnergy has been running on the Legislature was expected to be complete by now.  But continued resistance and various glitches have delayed the next vote until August 1, giving citizen activists a chance to defeat it.

As our planet roasts, this extremely critical battle will go a long way to determining the human future.  We get right to the bottom of it with these three great guests.

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