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February 21, 2020  


We’re joined by election protection experts STEVE ROSENFELD and JOHN BRAKEY for a terrifying excursion into the bizarro world of the Democratic primaries.

Steve has been to Iowa, New Hampshire and now Nevada for the Alice in Wonderland pageant of utterly chaotic non-credible primaries where the results vary from unreliable to absurd.

Are the corporate Dems stealing it from Bernie?  Are they merely incompetent?  Have the Republicans successfully sabotaged the process entirely?

Will the Democrats let Bernie have a credible run that falls just short of the nomination, and then hand it to a “safe” non-candidate like Adam Schiff or Sherrod Brown?

What we know for sure is that the Dems are using untested software in contests watched by the whole world.  And that the only thing predictable is embarrassing chaos.

You might want to take a Valium before listening to this essential show.   

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