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September 25, 2020  
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In our 18th Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition zoom, we honor RUTH BADER GINSBURG and confront the realities of anti-voter TERRORISM AT THE POLLS, starting with Fairfax, Virginia.

As the  TRUMP MILITIA blocks entry to voting stations and aggressively spreads the Trump Virus, we seek solutions to protecting voters as they come to the polls.

We evaluate the latest developments in early voting and vote-by-mail. 

We deal with a clerk in Detroit who could throw the entire election, disenfranchisement in Florida, corruption in Ohio, trashed ballots from young and black voters, the potential hacking of ballot imaging machines and thus the warping of the vote count.

We thank STEPHEN COLBERT for his excellent 50-part series on getting out the vote, but wonder why MICHAEL MOORE hasn’t joined in with PSAs and other media help.

We review polls from the New York Times etc. showing Trump winning whole review the realities of major grants from Mark Zuckerberg earmarked to help local election boards, but administered by a theft denier.

We confront the reality that unless this election is thoroughly protected, it will be a monumental catastrophe

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