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September 6, 2019  

Election protection legends JOHN BRAKEY and STEVE ROSENFELD join us to explore major developments in Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa and around the nation.

On the 2020 ballot in Ohio is almost certain to be a referendum aimed at repealing a $150 million/year bailout for two nuke reactors and two coal burners. 
Signatures are being gathered to help kill the extremely unpopular mega-theft.  The repeal might help attract progressive voters and tip the state.

In North Carolina a court has overturned the legislature’s extremely partisan, racist gerrymandering plan.  It’s unclear how will replace it and how, but it’s a big victory.

In Iowa, Rosenfeld has helped convince the Democratic Party to avoid corruptible electronic/internet-based primary voting methods.  It is a big victory with nationwide ramifications.

For a fact-filled, on-point hour on the state of our election process, don’t miss this show.

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