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October 28, 2019  

The assault by violent pro-nuke thugs against anti-bailout signature gatherers in Ohio is now going to that state’s Supreme Court.

We discuss this astonishing battle with long-time experts KEVIN KAMPS, DICK MUNSON and DAVE KRAFT, with Ohio Green Party activist JOE DEMARE.

A federal judge has now rejected a request by opponents of a statewide nuclear bailout for more time to gather signatures for a referendum.

The request was made necessary because Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State sat on the referendum application for 40 days, effectively reducing the signature gathering window from 90 days to 50.

Signature gathering was also disrupted by widespread physical attacks by thugs who also circulated a fake petition designed to create confusion.

In at least one case a repeal signature gatherer reported being offered $2500 to turn over legitimate signatures for obvious destruction.

To get a vital update on this deadly, democracy-destroying situation, listen in to Dick, Dave, Kevin, Joe and Harvey dissect the damage.

Our planet hangs in the balance…and the whole world is watching.

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