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July 12, 2019  


We’re joined by cell tower/phone experts Dr. Trevor Marshall, Carol Taccetta and Diane Rother to discuss the horrific threat to humankind posed by the spread of cell towers & phones, and the new plague of 5G.

Dr. Marshall, Ph.D.,  is one of the world’s leading researchers on the biological impacts of microwave radiation on the human body.  Based in southern California, Carol has been involved with the issue for decades.  Diane is a holistic health practitioner based in Minnesota.

The 1994 Telecommunications Act banned local communities from fighting cell towers on the basis of health concerns.  The potential impacts on the human race as a whole are horrifying.  

Cell phone/tower technology is being deployed worldwide with virtually no independent health research done on its potential impact to the human species.  Early indicators are not good.  Highly significant symptoms of physical and mental disease are starting to show in with the spread of unregulated cell towers and the indiscriminate use of cell phones throughout our society.

The early reports are absolutely terrifying.  You will not want to miss these early warnings from some our most important experts.

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