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December 23, 2014  

COCAINE BY THE TON brought into America with a blind eye from the CIA.  Radio legend DENNIS BERNSTEIN of KPFA’s Flashpoints Show broke many of the key stories around the Iran-Contra Scandal through which the “Just Say No” Reagan regime funneled cash from drug sales to help overthrow the leftist Sandinista government in Nicaragua.  Dennis worked with reporter Gary Webb who also did key reporting on this story, but was then driven to suicide by relentless official attacks on him and his career.

Dennis is also witness to HUGE ON-GOING STREET DEMONSTRATIONS in Berkeley, California, where thousands of young people are marching daily against police violence—and being subjected to still more.  

A veteran broadcaster, Dennis tells us further about the future of community radio.  And as an accomplished poet, he reads to us from his superb SPECIAL ED anthology.  Don’t miss this very special hour with a gifted and important pillar of America’s humanist community.  

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