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November 22, 2019  


We talk with the great anti-death penalty activist ROBERT “RENNY” CUSHING and the great safe energy activist KEVIN KAMPS about the impeachment hearings, the Democrats, the death penalty and nuke power.

Renny has just won a major award for his stellar decades-long work to abolish the death penalty, a uniquely powerful activism that has helped save countless Americans from wrongful death at the hands of a barbarian state.
Renny’s fascinating story starts with the murder of his own father, and his work to prevent the killer from being assassinated by the state.

Now a long-time member and committee chairman in the New Hampshire Legislature, Renny is also a founder of the No Nukes movement, having marched against the nearby Seabrook reactor since the 1970s.

With Kevin we discuss the current sorry state of atomic energy and the latest industry scam aimed at stuffing nuke waste into various places where people don’t want it, and where it’s bound to fail.

After determining we all support the ever-evolving Bernie Sanders, this lovely talk with two spectacular activists is a pure joy.  Don’t miss it.

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