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October 26, 2018  


As the Trump Fascists close in on another stolen election, four leading experts tell us how it’s happening and what they’re doing to stop it.

First the great investigator GREG PALAST explains the basis for his lawsuit in Georgia, where Secretary of State Brian Kemp is running the election in which he is himself running for Governor.  Palast is suing to make public how Kemp is disenfranchising more than 500,000 citizens based on false information.

In North Dakota DANNY SHEEHAN and SARA NELSON are working with the Indigenous nations to stop vote stripping imposed by the legislature, which now demands street address on reservations where there are none.  

JON SIMON also joins us to talk about his book CODE RED and the anti-social sickness that is moving America’s super-rich to strip all others of their rights.

Join us in this powerful, passionate plunge into the pit of electoral hell from which our worst nightmare is poised to emerge….unless we stop him.

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