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October 14, 2021  
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We confront the insane reality that these Biden bailout bills include huge sums—tens of billions of dollars—to once again subsidize the nuclear power industry.
We’re joined by No Nukes legends PAUL GUNTER and KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear to rip through the insanity of spewing ever more of our public money on this insanely dangerous, expensive failed technology.
Long-time House staffer JOEL SEGAL now working nationally on the issue of homelessness also speaks.
The forever whining of atomic proponents that they can’t compete in the marketplace and therefore must be perennially handed huge sums of cash has come home to roost amidst the fierce national debate over the various Biden plans to rebuild our nation.
But any atomic reactor could in an instant destroy our national ecology and economy while killing millions of Americans.  And there are 93 of them currently operating in the US, all of them old, embrittled and poised to blow.  
It’s time to forever bury this insane parasitic industry.  Nobody says it better than these guys.  Join us!
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