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October 13, 2017  

CATASTROPHE IN PUERTO RICO gets worse as our tax payer dollars go everywhere except where needed.  We hear from JOEL SEGAL and HARVARD AYERS about the on-going human and ecological crisis is being badly served by FEMA and other federal agencies, as well as by Donald Trump, whose major contribution has been the pitching of paper towels.

Segal and Ayers have deep connections to the island as well as to the US Congress and give us an essential up-to-date report on the widespread efforts now underway to re-build the island with decentralized renewable resources, including wind power, solar energy and micro-grids.

Briefly at the end of the show we hear from Tara and from Mark on conditions both in San Juan and in Sonoma County, where apocalyptic wild fires are doing unimaginable damage.

Sadly, we will continue this discussion next week, as the horrors unattended by the federal response they deserve continue to kill and destroy. 

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