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October 5, 2018  


We are joined at the Green Power & Wellness Show by three great activists with key insights into the canonization of the murdered activist Archbishop Oscar Romero, a major court victory for Indigenous activism against the Dakota and Keystone XL pipelines, and for social justice and democratic survival in the US.

CLIFFORD J. TASNER of Americans for Democratic Action joins SARA NELSON and DANNY SHEEHAN of the Romero Institute along with host Harvey “Sluggo” Wasserman in a fascinating, lively hour. .

We start with the Catholic Church’s decision to recognize the sainthood of Oscar Romero, who was murdered in El Salvador in 1980 by fascist death squads.  Romero is the first “Liberation Theology” priest to become a saint, marking a major shift in the church’s orientation under Pope Francis.

We also explore a major court victory as North Dakota drops charges against Indigenous leader Chase Iron Eyes for his opposition to the Dakota Pipeline, which threatens the entire ecological system of the Mississippi Valley.  Charges of “trespassing” against the First Peoples who own the land to begin with has become a trap door into a new realm of legal challenge the corporate establishment may not want to touch.

Finally we use the furor over the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to explore the need for America's progressive wing to retake the nation and prevent a total fascist/misogynist take-over.  As Sara makes clear, it may well be America’s women, enraged by the Kavanaugh catastrophe, who lead the charge and ultimately make the difference.   

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