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September 30, 2021  
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Amidst the spectacular collapse of the absurd cyber-Ninja Arizona recount scam, we hear from JOHN BRAKEY, STEVE ROSENFELD  and RAY LUTZ on how it happened.

It’s now clear that without their on-the-ground scrutiny and EP activism, Team Trump could easily have conjured up a “revised outcome” very different from what AZ’s voters actually wanted.

Instead Brakey’s insider contacts with honest brokers like Ken Bennet, Rosenfeld’s reporting and Lutz’s techno-audits made it impossible for the thugs and thieves to flip the outcome.

What comes next will be critical as Team Trump attempts to spread fake audit/recounts to whatever states they want to flip.  A handbook/lessons-learned document now becomes crucial from these three great EP pioneers.

Meanwhile, JOEL SEGAL fills us in on the critical growth of the new Progressive Action Coalition and SmartALEC which will be coordinating more on-the-ground campaigns and authoring more legislation as we move forward. 

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