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September 29, 2017  

We explore the HORRORS OF NUCLEAR WASTE in Solartopia with two of the world’s great experts:  DONNA GILMORE and KEVIN KAMPS.

Based in Orange County, California, Donna is one of California’s best-known and most knowledgeable experts.  She has been central to the successful movement to shut the remaining two reactors at San Onofre.  Donna’s critiques of the insane irresponsibility of the owner utilities at San Onofre in not dealing with their atomic waste are essential to understanding why nuke power has absolutely no place on this planet.

Kevin’s watchdog work for Beyond Nuclear lately focusses on the latest absurd blank check being handed to the reactor industry in the form of the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act HB 3053.  This absolutely corrupt blank check for the completely unchecked mishandling of the world’s deadliest substances must be stopped.  Kevin tells us how.

If you are at all interested in the future of the Earth, and how we might survive this horrendously deadly reactor technology, don’t miss this discussion.

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