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September 24, 2018  

We celebrate the permanent shut-down of the OYSTER CREEK NUKE REACTOR, bringing the number of licensed operable US nukes to 98.

We hope to force a test of DIABLO CANYON’S embrittled core when Unit One shuts for refueling in February, 2019.

And  we look forward to the COMPLETE TRANSITION TO SOLARTOPIAN ENERGY as now mandated by the government of California.

To get there we’re joined by PROF. MARK JACOBSON of Stanford University, one of the world’s leading experts on renewables, who has just built a solar-powered home.

By PAUL KANGAS, renewable advocate and a witness to the GLOBAL CLIMATE SUMMIT just held in San Francisco.

And by LINDA SEELEY of the MOTHERS FOR PEACE based in San Luis Obispo, working for the final shutdown of Diablo Canyon.

This show offers a highly professional overview of our wind/solar prospects and how we can save our Earth from climate chaos.  Don’t miss it!

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