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September 23, 2021  
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The great TATANKA BRICCA fires us up with an excursion into the land of TRUMP TERROR, as the deposed autocrat attacks anyone---especially moderate Republicans---who doubt his Divine Right to permanent power.


Joined by JOEL SEGAL we further explore the new PROGRESSIVE ACTION COALITION and its legislative companion, the SmartALEC, meant to move the legislative agenda toward the Green New Deal, Election Protection, DC Statehood and Social Justice, ending poverty, hunger, homelessness.


Joel also updates us on the all-important federal legislation to protect voter rights, which requires beating or end-running the filibuster. 


With JOHN BRAKEY and STEVE ROSENFELD we jump through the rabbit hole into the insane miasma of Arizona’s ridiculous recount.


Steve and GLORIA TINUBU also tell of the Georgia Miracle Project and its upcoming book and movie.


From California we get the inside skinny on the recalled recall…and on the Golden State’s Green New Deal.


From Ohio we hear battle reports on GOP gerrymandering.


And there is SO much more…..Join US!!

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